Occupational health and Safety

The Law on Occupational Health and Safety No. 6331 entered into force on 20.06.2012 to regulate the duties, authorities and responsibilities of employers and employees in order to ensure Occupational Health and Safety at workplaces and to improve existing health and safety conditions.
Law; All employees and their workplaces belonging to the public and private sectors, their employers and their employers' employees, apprentices and trainees, regardless of their business activities.

It is an inseparable part of our work to guide our employees in all areas of occupational health and safety during all kinds of activities for a sustainable and developing future, and to take precautions about occupational health and safety in our workplace.

NG Kütahya Ceramic Porcelain Tourism Inc. As in all sections;

Occupational health and safety issues, to guide our employees, to determine the hazards and risks related to occupational health and safety in our workplace, taking precautions, placing the necessary protectors for machines and benches in a safe manner, applied working methods, used materials, personal protective equipment, And cleaning vs.gibi

We have systems to provide and implement occupational health and safety.

Our occupational health and safety setup is collected on a monthly basis and ensures the continuity of safe working environment. Our company has ambulance and health personnel.

Employees are provided with work clothes and other personal protective equipment, and employees are provided with access to comprehensive health services.

Risk analysis studies are carried out in all operational areas and precautions are taken to minimize the risks identified. All equipment is scrubbed to eliminate potential hazards and risks and all relevant periodic tests and measurements are made on time.

In order to improve working conditions and ergonomics, to prevent risks and to protect employee health, measures and measures are taken by taking the opinions of employees and employee representatives.
Annual trainings on occupational health and safety applications are being renewed every year and continuous improvement, improvement and individual awareness are provided to employees. In addition, new employees will be provided with occupational health and safety training during on-the-job training. Another training program organized in this area is the trainings given to the relevant staff on issues such as first aid, hygiene, which require expertise. In addition, certified personnel are employed as prescribed by the occupational health and safety directive.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

NG Kütahya Ceramic Porcelain Tourism Inc. As its employees, to comply with national and international legal regulations and regulations is to create a healthy and safe working environment within a Business Health and Safety Management System based on continuous development.

Raising employees' awareness about Occupational Health and Safety
Ensuring timely and complete supply of identified resources related to Occupational Health and Safety
Ensuring that hazards are identified and eliminated beforehand by performing risk analysis
Continual improvement of business health and safety related activities
Analyzing and minimizing the risks and risks that may arise in the work environment that can threaten health and safety,
Regulation of training activities for the establishment and development of occupational health and safety awareness
By adopting the goal of zero work accidents and zero occupational disease, we aim to increase our productivity by taking the necessary precautions for employees and walks,
Production in the spirit of the team in accordance with the legal and legal standards and laws,
Ensuring continuous improvement of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System at every point by following the requirements of the Quality Management System
We should place preventive cultures in a systematic fashion of risk assessments of possible dangerous situations and behaviors that may arise while conducting our activities in the direction of,

Risks under control and managed together with Quality and Environmental Management Systems,

We aim to become a model company in the ceramic production sector in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.